Why 22 degrees all year round?
22 degrees is the temperature at which an air conditioning runs most efficient and economical. It’s the acceptable average comfort temperature, however, individual requirements vary.

What is a split system?
A split system has an indoor and outdoor section, joined by refrigeration pipes. For example, high walls, ducted, cassette, floor or ceiling mounted units are split systems.

How much does air conditioning cost to run?
This depends on your air conditioning equipment – for an easy guide, go to www.energyrating.gov.au, under appliances select ‘air conditioners’, then click on ‘Interactive product list’.

How long will my air conditioner last?
A good quality system will last long past its 5 year warranty period, provided it is well maintained (see also ‘Maintenance’ on link ‘Our Services)

How often should the air conditioner be serviced?
Once a year on average

How often should I clean the return air filter?
Every 3 months, an easy way to remember is to do it with every change of the season.

For more answers to FAQ’s you may refer to www.energyratings.gov.au and check under appliances for air conditioner, the FAQ’s section.