Inverter System
Inverter systems continuously and constantly maintain a set temperature, unlike conventional air conditioners which operate on the 'stop and start' principle, delivering a fixed amount of cooling and heating while trying to maintain a set temperature. Inverter systems are a much more advanced technology. They work like the cruise control of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power according to the setting. Inverters reach the desired temperature in the same manner as a conventional air conditioning system, but they regulate the temperature with much less fluctuations.
The benefits are constant comfort, significant energy savings and very quiet operation.

Reverse Cycle
Reverse cycle air conditioner are designing to cool and heat. Simply put this is achieved by having the refrigeration gases run in reverse direction, hence the name.

Horse Power Versus Kilowatt
Horse power is a very basic sizing of air conditioning output. Construction and mechanical engineering consultants use kilowatts as a more accurate means of measuring required capacity.

Split Systems
Split systems are designed for specialist operation in your home or office. Units can either be cassettes for ceiling mounting, floor units or under ceiling mounted units.

Variable Refrigeration Volume. VRV units are a series of interlinked indoor units which can be a mixture of hi-walls, under ceiling consuls, cassettes and mini ducted systems with varying capacities. Originally designed for commercial applications, but now also utilized for domestic usage.